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A Dangerous Son

This HBO documentary explores the struggle of three moms who are trying to find mental health services for their aggressive
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The a-z Of Therapeutic Parenting has real strategies and solutions for kids with developmental trauma. Enough said. Seriously, for most adoptive parents I could end…
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This book will provide an interesting and enlightening background on the science of trauma. It’s not a how-to, although Dr. Kolk does offer some insight…
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It takes a village

My son Devon has a long track-record of making false allegations against staff at treatment facilities where he’s a patient. “I’m afraid
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Before you adopt…

Two-year-old Kayla was shy with dimples that winked when she laughed. Her brother, three-year-old Devon, had curly brown hair, freckles
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You need a safety plan

If you’re raising a child with RAD you almost certainly need a safety plan. Our children’s dangerous behaviors can include
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Dear friends & family

Dear Friend, I’ve told you before how I’m struggling with my child’s behavior but I’m not sure you understand how
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By elementary school, Zoe seemed either sad or moody most of the time and had few friends. While Zoe had
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Mental Health Services

Most often the services described below are bundled under an agency who is considered your child’s clinical home. (This may
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Our Story

I adopted Devon out of foster care when he was four. For years I struggled to manage his behavioral problems on
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As Anastasia grew older, her behaviors had Allan and his wife worrying all the more. They began to get calls
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Today is Alexandra’s 12th birthday. Over the last 16 months we’ve had people reach out asking why she isn’t in
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Three cousins

I adopted my three cousins six years ago. Mom and dad of one boy died of drug overdose, other lost
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Rewind to five years ago. (Don’t I wish I could?) My then husband and I have enjoyed an empty nest
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This is a devastating story of a family struggling to love and raise two adopted foster children. The unfairness and
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