Love Never Quits – Surviving & Thriving After Infertility, Adoption, and RAD

When Gina Heumann and her husband Aaron picked up their beautifulbaby boy from his Guatemalan foster mom, the warning signs were there. Maddox hadn’t been well taken care of or well loved. He screamed for the entire flight home.

But Gina, Aaron, and younger brother Landrey had no hesitations. They were sure all this sweet little boy needed was love and nurturing. 

It wasn’t quite so simple.

Maddox’s screaming melt downs were beyond anything Gina and Aaron could have imagined. As he grew older he became violent at school and home. The family hit rock bottom when Maddox was put on probation at 12 for assaulting a teacher. 12. It was unimaginable – and they were out of options, patience, and strength.

But Gina and Aaron never stopped fighting. They learned love alone wasn’t enough, but love was what propelled them forward to persevere in searching for healing for Maddox.

Gina’s newly released book, Love Never Quits – Surviving & Thriving After Infertility, Adoption, and RAD, tells how her family succeeded against the odds. But it doesn’t gloss over the hard times. Happily ever afters like these take dedication, perseverance, and hard work.

Frustration, pain, and exhaustion seep through the lines of the book and fellow moms of troubled kid will see themselves in Gina’s story. She tried everything – and nothing worked. It’s heart-breaking, but ultimately heart-warming because after ten years of searching for answers, Maddox was diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD). Through intensive treatment at the Evergreen Psychotherapy Center, the family found real solutions and slowly watched Maddox grow and bond with them.

Love Never Quits – Surviving & Thriving After Infertility, Adoption, and RAD is the realistic happily ever after story parents of children with RAD are looking for. It’s a dose of reality, but chock full of hope too. It’s written in the compelling and casual voice of a mom that’s easy to read and entirely enjoyable.

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