A Chat about the Reality and Strategies Through the Hard Work of RAD #NAVRAD22

I’m in Atlanta at the Navigating RAD 22 conference with RAD Advocates this weekend. For those of you who couldn’t make it, this is your place for the highlights from the amazing speakers!

Looking Back: A Chat about the Reality and Strategies Through the Hard Work of RAD

Tracey Poffenroth Prato, RADTalk Podcast

Highlights & Take Aways

Tracey began by sharing the story of how she and her husband adopted siblings, ages 2 and 9 years, not knowing both had Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD). After years of intense struggle to parent these children and fighting her way back from the lowest of lows, Tracey is now offering hope and support through the RAD Talk podcast, coaching, and retreats.

Tracey interviewed adoptee, Anderina, who was diagnosed with RAD as a child but is now thriving as young adult. Anderina shared these insights into the disorder from her personal experience as a RAD kid.

  • What made her want to change:
    • Anderina’s change began to happen when she saw oher kids at school having a fun, normal life and wanted it for herself.She came to trust her parents after they were consistent for a long period of time.
    • She says, “For me it was a choice. I had to get to a point where I wanted a happy, better life.”
  • What helped her heal:
    • Neurofeedback was very helpful in processing emotions. However, because it got Anderina working through her emotions, it caused her behavior to escalate. She didn’t feel comfortable with feelings or being vulnerable.
    • Working with one particular therapist was pivotal because that therapist didn’t let Anderina off the hook.
  • How is she different today:
    • Anderina likes herself and is her authentic self
    • She has friendships and positive relationships with her family
    • She still struggles with intimacy and vulnerability, but believes this isn’t necessarily RAD. She points out that many people have these struggles.

To hear Anderina’s story, listen to RAD Talk Podcast Episode #39: A RAD “Kid” Recovered and She Plans to Help Other Kids Just Like Her.

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Tracey Poffenroth Prato, RADTalk Podcast

Tracey Poffenroth Prato is a personal development coach and founder/host of the RAD Talk With Tracey podcast. Tracey knows all about the highs and lows that come with being a RAD parent. She’s been there, done that! Tracey helps you navigate through your experience and shows you how to step back into your power and move forward. Tracey started coaching because of her passion and skill to help people in crisis. She understands RAD parents and connects with their struggle in a way no one else does. Tracey also started a podcast to raise awareness about RAD, create a community for RAD families, and give RAD parents a safe place to connect and share their stories.

Find Tracey at RADTalk with Tracey

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