Finding Hope (meditation)

Highly specialized meditations created for moms of kids with RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder) by professional hypnotherapist, Chel Hamilton.


Find hope (9:17)

How to use these meditations

Of course, use these meditations as a tool when you’re in crisis. But you’ll get the most value if you also listen to them when you aren’t in crisis. Each time you let the words and affirmations soak into your mind, you’ll be building your resilience. Bookmark and favorite this page and come back often. Listen until they become a part of your internal strength and come back whenever you need a boost!

Chel Hamilton, is a hypnotherapist, and the host of the popular Meditation Minis podcast which has over 40 million downloads . Find and listen to her other meditations on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or Spotify. Thank you, Chel, for this incredible gift!

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