Keri is an experienced foster and adoptive parent who has spent over a decade navigating the mental health system on behalf of her children. She’s passionate about connecting families with the support and resources they need to help their children heal and thrive. She has five children including two adopted foster kids. Read more of her story here.

Keri advocates for reforms in the mental health system to better serve our society’s most vulnerable individuals – our children. She’s a passionate supporter of adoption when adoptive parents are informed and supported. Keri is the author of the very popular book Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD): The Essential Guide for Parents which is available on Amazon, Audible and free through Kindle Unlimited. To date, Keri has given away for free over 3,500 copies of this book.

She has bylines with BuzzFeed, Scary Mommy, Fostering Families Magazine, The Sun Sentinel, The Charlotte Observer, Adoptive Families,, The Chronicle of Social Change, and more. Recently heard on NPR. See updates on Keri’s latest writing projects here.

Keri lives in North Carolina with her family.

Disclaimer: The information presented here is intended to point parents in the right direction and cannot substitute for professional advice based on the unique circumstances of any particular family. Please note that I call my son ‘Devon’ to protect his privacy.  Whenever possible I use real names, but reserve the right to change identifying details and names when necessary to protect the privacy of others. In all instances, any similarity to the stories or experiences of others is coincidental.