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Inspiring and offers hope

Keri is an invaluable support to families raising children with reactive attachment disorder. Her articles affirm the challenges that come with the disorder and lessens the isolation so commonly experienced. Her personal experience and knowledge as a parent is inspiring and offers hope to others on the same difficult journey.

Amazing Advocate

Keri is an amazing advocate, both for her own children as well as others. She has helped countless families with children with attachment disorders by sharing what has/has not worked for her child, as well as provided education to families who have never heard of such disorders, but whose children exhibit symptoms of attachment disorders. She is an excellent resource for any parent! 9 investigates: Local mom adopts foster kids, battles state for care funds

Fantastic source of information

Keri’s knowledge and expertise comes from real life and her book is a fantastic source of information for parents of children with RAD. Her blog is so informative you never want to miss a post. It’s an honor to collaborate with her on behalf of Attach Families because she brings so much support and experience to our families.

Leader in the adoption community

While the topic of developmental trauma is growing in popularity, few people truly understand the daily struggles of those impacted by it. Even fewer know how to articulate those obstacles. Keri Williams, an advocate for children with developmental trauma and their adoptive families, does so extraordinarily well. As Keri adopted a son with developmental trauma herself, she gets to the heart of the matter in an honest and impactful way. She has drawn and retained the attention of thousands. Through her tenacity and talent for the written word, Keri is a revered leader in the nationwide community of adoptive parents. – Forrest R. Lien, LCSW, ACSW