Testimonial Category: Adoption

Harmony Family Center

Harmony’s work is making significant impact. The challenges of drug abuse, violence, and poverty, along with the related trauma, drain our state and community resources, and negatively impact our collective wellbeing.  As we build awareness of the effects of trauma and increase the treatment of the children and families touched by it, we significantly impact the health of our communities across the state of Tennessee. So children may live their best lives.


This movement began in 2003, when Mary Beth and Steven Curtis Chapman founded Show Hope after having their own eyes and hearts opened to the global orphan crisis. Since then, Show Hope has worked to holistically approach orphan care, helping children in four key areas:

  • Adoption Aid
  • Care Centers
  • Pre+Post Adoption Support
  • Student Initiatives

Wasatch International Adoptions

Our Second Chance for Kids program is designed to help children find the best family for their needs. Most adopted children do wonderfully in their adoptive home, but now and then the child does not adapt well, and a very difficult decision is made to find a new adoptive home. We are here to help both children and families to find the best fit for both parties to bring love and joy to their lives.

4KIDS, Inc

4KIDS is propelled by the vision of a home for every child. Whether that is a child removed from their home for the first time, siblings who need to stay together, a young mom in a unplanned pregnancy who needs a refuge, or a young adult who needs a place to belong, 4KIDS is there with hope and homes.