Testimonial Category: Post Adoption Services

The Attach Place Center

The Attach Place Center for Strengthening Relationships provides comprehensive Attachment and Trauma Treatment. Our services are adoption-competent, trauma-informed, and designed to facilitate connection over correction and thriving over surviving. Monthly Adoption Support Group, Children’s Skills Groups, Love Matters Parenting Society Membership, Love Matters Parenting Facebook Group, Family Bootcamps, Neurofeedback, and Parent Training. www.lovemattersparenting.com;

Lifespan Trauma Consulting

Over the last three decades, Forrest Lien, MSW, has worked with children and adults impacted by early trauma in their many walks of life. Among other accomplishments, he created the unique therapeutic treatment model of the Institute for Attachment and Child Development as past Clinical and Executive Director. Forrest has trained thousands about the effects of trauma, foster care and adoption. He’s consulted with 20/20, HBO, and The Today Show and has presented at over 300 workshops internationally on the effects of early trauma, including at the Mayo Clinic. As owner of Lifespan Trauma Consulting, Forrest continues his legacy of highly sought-after trainings, speaking engagements, program development and advocacy and provides assessments and acts as an expert witness in court on behalf of adoptive and foster families. https://lifespantrauma.com

Post Institute

The Post Institute has published over 100 books, DVD’s, CD’s, MP3’s, Webinar’s, and articles on the topic of parenting children who have experienced pre-birth and early life trauma. The founders of the Post Institute are passionate about helping parents create healing from the wounds created by trauma, by providing parents an understanding of the impact of trauma and a proven effective, unique model of parenting. The Post Institute model of parenting has been put to the test by parents across the globe, as well as foster care agencies, adoption agencies, group homes, and treatment centers.

The Connected Elephant

​People, young and old, need the reminder that we all face an ‘elephant in the room’ and our goal is to simply remain open to connecting to this elephant, connecting to the unspoken. What is your elephant? You don’t need to reveal it to us as it can/will change, as life does.  It is different for everyone, but in our experience acknowledging the elephant has the potential to build huge connections.