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95% of adoptive parents jump in heart-first, but unprepared

Our recent Facebook poll showed up to 95% of adoptive parents are not sufficiently trained on developmental trauma and the

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2/3 of kids with RAD are first misdiagnosed with ADHD

It’s not ADHD! Our recent Facebook poll showed that 67% of children diagnosed with RAD (and other developmental trauma diagnoses)

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A thank you to the social worker who understood developmental trauma disorder when no one else did

One of the challenges of raising a child with developmental trauma disorder is how many professionals do not truly understand

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School Shooters: What’s Their Path To Violence?

February 10, 20197:58 AM ETHeard on  All Things Considered Many, though not all, of the perpetrators have experienced childhood traumas such

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RAD and Developmental Trauma in Fiction

These popular novels are twisty, psychological thrillers with surprise endings. They each feature a child with developmental trauma and/or RAD.

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5 lessons I wish I’d known when I first adopted a child with developmental trauma

My husband and I adopted Devon out of foster care when he was 3. Devon has complex developmental trauma disorder

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