If you need help, you’ve come to the right place. Raising a child with reactive attachment disorder or other behavioral and mental health issues can be lonely and disheartening.

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Adopting or fostering a child with reactive attachment disorder (RAD) is beyond challenging. These kids often have violent outbursts, steal, engage in outlandish lying, play with feces, and hoard food. They are broken children who too often break even the most loving of caregivers. Many parents of these children feel utterly isolated as family, friends, and professionals minimize their struggles.

Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) – The Essential Guide for Parents is written from the trenches. I’ve  lived the journey of raising a son with RAD and navigated the mental health system for over a decade. This is the resource you’ve been waiting for – you won’t find platitudes or false hopes. What you will find is essential information, practical suggestions, and resource recommendations to provide a way forward. Find it on Amazon here.

Learn more about RAD:

images-2.jpegOne of the best resources I’ve found for RAD is the Institute for Attachment and Development

Here’s a great post to get started with: FIND ANSWERS ABOUT ATTACHMENT ISSUES

Join an online support group:

There are several private Facebook groups to support parents who are raising kids with attachment issues. These are amazing resources to get support, ask questions, and connect with parents in your area.

My personal favorites are

The Underground World of RAD and Attach Families Support Group

Legal Issues:

Family Defense Center

Responding to Investigations Manual


Carrie O’Toole Ministries

Blog Roll:

Hannah Meadows – A UK parent who posts about self-care and very honestly her own parenting struggles. She also provides a link up for stories about Child-on-Parent Violence (CPV) which is a taboo topic in our society, but one parents of RAD kids face frequently.

Confessions of an Adoptive Parent – Mike and Kristin Berry are adoptive and foster parents who have seen it all. They offer encouraging and practical blog posts as well has other resources.

FullTimeTired – Laura and Diego Boccaleone, adoptive and foster parents, curate a weekly round up of Adoption and Fostering blog posts from around the web. This is a great resource with a variety of posts.

Rad Advocates – Started by 3 mothers who all have kids diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder, this new non-profit seeks to support parents through encouragement and practical help.

If you’ve found other helpful resources please comment to let me know. We’re all in this together!

I occasionally recommend Amazon products, primarily books. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. These proceeds are donated to Attach Families, RAD Advocates or Institute for Attachment and Child Development.

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