Charlotte Area Resources

It’s really important to get help early and fast.

If you’re facing extreme behaviors a safety plan for your child, yourself, and your other children is critical. Therapists, clinicians, and others who may be working with your child can assist with creating this. This is a useful checklist to get you started.

Charlotte Area RAD parent’s support group
Facebook Group
In person monthly meet-ups

Post- Adoption Resources (If you adopted out of foster care)
Jennifer Freeman
Post Adoption Social Worker

Mecklenburg County mobile crisis unit:  704-566-3410

Police:  911  Please note: In my experience, the police are unlikely to assist if your child is under the age of 16 unless the incident is extremely serious. Property damage, even physical violence by a young child is unlikely to be addressed by the police

Local Mental Health ERs
Be prepared for wait times up to 6-8 hours!

Carolinas Healthcare System Behavioral Health
501 Billingsley Rd; 28211
Helpline: 704-444-2400

Monarch Youth Crisis Center
1810 Back Creek Dr; 28213

Find additional Mental Health Resources in Mecklenburg County here.

Pat’s Place

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