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Video: Early Childhood Trauma – we need treatments now!

Learn more Aging out of RTF and into the real world: A dangerous proposition Raising a child with Developmental Trauma

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Adoption: How not to be like a frog boiling in a pot

. It’s really important to understand that, for kids with severe trauma, love alone is not enough. For the best prognosis, early intervention is key. This is why every adoptive (and pre-adoptive) parent must know the warning signs and where to find help.

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The ugly truth about trauma

Understanding the devastating impact of early childhood trauma requires a paradigm shift. It’s invisible to the untrained eye so we tend to minimize its severity, but it’s like a huge gaping trauma wounds.

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You’re angry…I totally get it

As a fellow parent of a child with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD), I understand your anger. However, here’s what I’ve learned: While anger is a natural response, it doesn’t serve you or your child well. And here’s why…

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