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Grateful (and shocked) to be alive

On August 2nd my husband Delano Williams was killed in an officer involved shooting in Charlotte, NC. You may be following the media coverage and noticing conflicting information. I thought I’d take a moment to explain what happened, though it will take years to fully unravel the situation in my mind.

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Documentary exploring the school-to-prison pipeline

The Kids we Lose is a PBS documentary that explores how ineffective discipline techniques in schools feed the school-to-prison pipeline. It does a great job of showing the severity of the problem, but where are the solutions.

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Immigration isn’t the only “system” that’s harmful to children

Regardless of our politics, we can advocate together on behalf of innocent children. Let’s consider that the immigration system isn’t the only “system” that’s harmful to children.

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California Looks To Lead Nation In Unraveling Childhood Trauma

Imagine identifying a toxin so potent it could rewire a child’s brain and erode his immune system. A substance that, in high doses, tripled the risk of heart disease and lung cancer and reduced life expectancy by 20 years. And then realizing that tens of millions of American children had been exposed.

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