If you share a deep concern for troubled children, this website is for you. To help these children, it will take all of us working together.

This website is for three types of people:

  • Exhausted and desperate parents
  • Alarmed family and friends, and
  • Concerned educators, therapists, and other professionals

…we have resources for you.

Nearly half of America’s children have experienced at least one adverse experience (witnessing domestic violence, victimized by neglect or abuse, having a substance addicted or incarcerated family member, etc.). These experiences leave deeply etched scars on their psyche and brain.

Because we can’t “see” a child’s history of adversity, they just look like bad kids. They may have violent outbursts, manipulate, and be physically aggressive. Sometimes they become unsafe to themselves and their families. To grow and thrive they need to be part of a loving family, but love alone isn’t enough for kids from hard places.

This website is dedicated to offering connection and resources for parents of troubled kids, and those who support them. This is the place to learn about Developmental Trauma, Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) and more.

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