Adopting or fostering a child with reactive attachment disorder (RAD) is beyond challenging. These kids often have violent outbursts, engage in outlandish lying, steal, play with feces, and hoard food. They are broken children who too often break even the most loving of caregivers. Many parents of these children feel utterly isolated as family, friends, and professionals minimize the struggles. Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) – The Essential Guide for Parents comes from a parent who’s in the trenches with you.

Now available on Audio too!

Keri has lived the journey of raising a son with RAD and has navigated the mental health system for over a decade. This is the resource you’ve been waiting for – you won’t find platitudes or false hopes. What you will find is critical information, practical suggestions, and resource recommendations that will provide a way forward.If you desperately need help to navigate the difficult RAD journey with your child, this book is it.

Great resources and advice

I think as parent(s) we prepare for anything, give everything and expect nothing.We all hope that by subscribing to that philosophy that everyone will live happily ever after at the end. Yeah, not so much in this case. I read this book as an additional resource for PPT/PRIDE classes. I’d recommend this to any foster or adoptive parents before you do that “behaviors” form the agency asks you to fill out. I found the info more informative coming from a parent’s POV (who is with the child 24/7) rather than a shrink or a social worker who spends only 1 or 2 hours/wk with the child.

Heather F.

Essential read for RAD parents & educators

Keri captures the reality of a RAD families and their daily struggles perfectly in her book RAD: The essential book for parents. As a RAD mom, and trauma recovery advocate, I highly recommend it to families considering adoption of a child with multiple caregivers in early years, trauma, abuse or neglect. Having a realistic viewpoint of what could become your reality can help equip families mentally, emotionally and physically for what they may encounter. For current RAD families, the book will be an essential tool to share your struggles with your child’s support system. You’ll also know you are not alone in your RAD journey and challenges. Very impressed with this book.

S. Durbin

Yes! Yes! Yessss!

This book is spot on for parents raising a child with RAD! Thank you for writing & raising awareness for this mental disorder, that’s many know nothing about. Thank you for letting parents also know that they are not alone and their feelings are real.

Alysia R.

Fantastic source of information

Keri’s knowledge and expertise comes from real life and her book is a fantastic source of information for parents of children with RAD. Her blog is so informative you never want to miss a post. It’s an honor to collaborate with her on behalf of Attach Families because she brings so much support and experience to our families.

Katherine Noto

A must for RAD parents

This book is a wonderful resource for anyone who even suspects that their adopted child may have Reactive Attachment Disorder. It gives insight into the disorder and how parents should proceed if their child is exhibiting RAD symptoms. I wish it had been available to me 12 years ago!

Denise D.

Excellent Book

Please read this book if you are considering adoption or have adopted a “difficult” child. RAD is no joke or to be taken lightly. It has torn my world up side down. I’m thankful for this resource and the honest author!!! The resources in the book are a blessing.


Clear, practical advice for RAD parents

This is the clearest, most honest book on Reactive Attachment Disorder I have read. Williams presents what is known about RAD—by experts, other RAD parents, and her own experience—in an easily-read format and style. She writes hopefully but also honestly, realistically, and unflinchingly. As a mom to two children with RAD, I related to every story, every description, every heartache. I especially appreciated her chapter, “10 Ugly Truths You Must Know”—I wish I had these words before my own harrowing experiences with RAD. Through practical advice on everything from mental health professionals to medication, Williams’ book echoes with the truth RAD parents most need to hear: we are not alone.

Melissa W.

Excellent book.

Please read this book if you are considering adoption or have adopted a “difficult” child. RAD is no joke or to be taken lightly. It has torn my world up side down. I’m thankful for this resource and the honest author!!! The resources in the book are a blessing.


Your writings are a voice for all of us

I don’t feel alone, I feel validated in my feelings and journey in this turbulent life. You are not just a writer behind a screen, you are a human living a life that so many can not understand except for the ones living in the unknown.

Kris, Parent

Mastery at its Finest.. a Must Read!

Keri Williams has taken one of the most difficult subjects affecting parents and everyone in our society at this time, the heartwrenching trauma in our children and its effects on families, and written the most insighful, succinct and educated book on RAD we have found to date. A MUST READ for every parent/grand with traumatized children, and amazing small gift for families, educators, professionals. We no longer need struggle to explain RAD, Keri has done it for us. Thank You so much Keri!! What a resource!!

There are not enough stars to represent how important this tool is for us right now. Phenomenal piece of work!!


This book nails it!! I no longer feel alone or crazy!! From the dad who doesn’t want to believe the manipulation and lies, to discovering my bio child is a glass child.



FINALLY!!! An easy read that can be shared with friends & family. Relieved to have found this book. Thank you!

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