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RAD Symptoms – which are most common?
Parents of kids diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) are all too familiar with the symptoms. Anecdotally we often list food hoarding, violent outbursts, crazy lying, to name a few. But which symptoms are most common? To explore this further we collected data on 277 children and analyzed the results of the 236 who have been formally diagnosed with RAD.

Online support groups for parents of kids with trauma
Unfortunately, you may not fit into typical parenting support groups. Your child’s behaviors and emotions may be so extreme that other parents can’t relate. As their parenting-101 and common sense advice falls flat and over time, their lack of understanding can feel an awful lot like blame. So where can you find the support and community you so desperately need? One fantastic option is a private online support group.

10 Tips to Prevent your Child’s Recess from being Taken Away.
From @ADayInOurShoesIEP
Let’s put an end to this “taking away recess as punishment” trend once and for all!

The ugly truth about trauma
Each Childhood neglect and abuse is invisible to the untrained eye, we tend to imagine our children having only bruised and bleeding hearts.In reality, some of our children have huge gaping trauma wounds. The gash is infected and oozing puss. Warning- Graphic Image.

6 signs of PTSD in RAD caregivers
From @Gina Heumann
Many people (including at one time, me) associate PTSD only with combat veterans, police officers who’ve been involved in tragic events, and rape or sexual assault victims, but there are actually quite a few other causes for this debilitating condition. As a caregiver for a child with reactive attachment disorder, I would never have recognized or suspected PTSD in myself until someone pointed it out, and even then, I just tried to suck it up and think myself better. While some people can heal themselves over time, the vast majority of PTSD sufferers require professional treatment in order to fully recover.

10 Disturbing Signs It’s Not Your Body But Your Soul That’s Tired
If we ignore the signs that our energy is depleting, it can lead to very serious consequences such as chronic anxiety, mental health issues, and depression.

Languishing in Residential Care Made Me Worse. Unconditional Love Helped Get Me Better
From @ChronicleofSocialChange
People talk a lot about how important it is that every foster kid grows up in a loving home. While well intentioned, most of them are approaching that idea from an abstract understanding. They have never known a loving foster home, and they certainly have not experienced the alternative. I learned the hard way how important this concept really is. 

Being the primary parent is exhausting
From @closetoclassy
Being a parent is seriously the most mentally taxing thing I’ve ever done. Single parents are the known bad asses of the parenting world, and I’m not here to dispute that, because we all know how hard that role is. What I have to say may be an unpopular opinion but I’m going to say it, because I know I’m not the only one who feels this way—I’m so freaking exhausted being the primary parent.

“I Don’t Think We Can Do This Much Longer.”
From @authornealierose
That’s something so many people say when they are struggling with a traumatized child. Here’s advice from another trauma mama.

Why You Should Never Bad Mouth Your Child’s First Family
From @confessionsofanadoptiveparent
It can be a difficult thing to not do, at times, because your child’s storyline may not be very positive. But it’s critical that we never bad mouth our child’s first family. Here’s why…

Here’s a great video with information on early childhood trauma

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More than eight in 10 men in prison suffered childhood adversity – new report
Male prisoners are much more likely than men in the wider population to have suffered childhood adversities such as child maltreatment or living in a home with domestic violence, according to a new report by Public Health Wales and Bangor University.

A new high school will have sleek classrooms — and places to hide from a mass shooter
A $48 million major construction project at Fruitport High School will add curved hallways to reduce a gunman’s range, jutting barriers to provide cover and egress, and meticulously spaced classrooms that can lock on demand and hide students in the corner, out of a killer’s sight.

How Adoption Medicine Clinics Aid Forever Families
Adoption medicine clinics – which aim to address the complex medical, developmental, psychological and social needs of adopted children – have emerged around the country in response to shifting societal trends. Typically housed in major medical centers and children’s hospitals, they got their start in the 1990s, when international adoptions were on the rise.

Extensive Data Shows Punishing Reach of Racism for Black Boys
White boys who grow up rich are likely to remain that way. Black boys raised at the top, however, are more likely to become poor than to stay wealthy in their own adult households.

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