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Trauma handout for teachers

2/3 of kids with RAD are first misdiagnosed with ADHD
Kids with developmental trauma may have attention deficits and other symptoms of ADHD: inattentiveness, hyperactivity, impulsivity. However, the ADHD diagnosis doesn’t correctly point to the cause of those symptoms – the trauma. 

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What it’s like to be the sibling of a child with RAD
In their own words, how siblings are affected by children with attachment disorders and what parents can do to help.

…Why you should be aware of your family history from @guardianng
These are just some of the reasons therapists inquire about family history. Mental and physical health is affected by many things and the situation that one is exposed to have a significant impact on adulthood.

Staying Calm During a Tantrum from @Foster2Forever
I don’t know about you, but sometimes my child can certainly push my buttons, and can trigger me into my own “mommy meltdown.”

How to Explain Adoption Dissolution to Adopted Kids from @creatingafamily
How do we explain an adoption dissolution to adopted kids without making them feel like they do could be given away? If you ever face this challenge here’s some helpful advice.

The Special Needs of Adopted Children
Whether you are religious or not, this list from Sherrie Eldridge is a powerful tool. She’s included Bible verses for those who would like them.

The Dismantling of a Non-Profit – A Bird’s Eye View of Traumatized Adoptive Family Systems from @followmarykalbach
Therapeutic parents are walking wounded with wounds that nobody sees except those also walking the same path. Many of us can’t do this anymore. We have no resiliency…

4 Questions to Ask When Early Childhood Trauma Causes Behavior Issues via @Foster2Forever
Recently, my child wanted me to buy him sunflower seeds after baseball practice. I knew he needed to eat a good meal so I just wanted to get him home for dinner. As the situation escalated, I tried to reason with my child, but he was becoming more irritated…

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What Happens When The Adopted Kids Of Anti-Gay Parents Come Out? via @BuzzFeed
Evangelical Christians are the religious group most likely to adopt but are also most likely to oppose homosexuality, which can make life complicated for gay adopted kids.

Adopted son, 22, of ex-NFL lineman Barry Bennett is charged with shooting dead his parents via @dailymail
Authorities say the Bennetts were found shot and alleged that the couple’s adopted son had expressed thoughts of killing them in December, while lodged at a mental health facility.  

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