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Tips to work with your child’s school (includes free teacher handout) from @RaisingDevon
Here’s tips to work with your child’s school and a pdf handout for teachers.

When They Judge Us, They Show Their Weakness — Not Ours from @additudemag
“When someone judges your parenting or your child, don’t engage — don’t respond to it and, most importantly, remember that it’s not about you or your child. It’s about somebody who has a need to make themselves feel morally superior to you, even for a brief second.”

How the “System” Nearly Turned My Son into a Sociopath from adoptingfaithafathersunconditionallove.org
Young adults who commit heinous crimes weren’t always evil. Once upon a time, they were innocent children – like my oldest son.

We have to get serious about child-on-adoptive-parent violence from @CommunityCarePage
Too many adoptive parents experience aggression from the traumatised children they raise. Peter McParlin, who has experienced it first-hand, argues that it is time for change.

College $$$ for foster care alumni from @RaisingDevon
Sadly, only 3% of foster care alumni will earn a bachelor’s degree compared to 60% of the general population.Many states now offer full tuition exemption to state and community college for kids who spent anytime in foster care including adopted foster children. Here’s a state-by-state list.

Team Sports May Help Children Deal With Trauma from @NewYorkTimes
Training, working hard and learning to win and lose help children develop resilience, experts say.

10 Reasons for Adoptive Parents to Be in Child’s Therapy Session from @creatingafamily
Commonly, most therapists meet with the parents alone, and then work with the child alone with a short time for both parties together. While this practice is commonplace, it is not optimal for adoptive or foster families.

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The connection between trauma and addiction from @carrierclinic
Researchers have been studying the connection between trauma and addiction in order to understand why so many drug and alcohol abusers have histories of traumatic experiences. Data indicates that a child who experiences four or more traumatic events is five times more likely to become an alcoholic, 60% more likely to become obese, and up to 46 times more likely to become an injection-drug user than the general population. 

Study finds psychiatric diagnosis to be ‘scientifically meaningless’ from @neurosciencenews
A new study, published in Psychiatry Research, has concluded that psychiatric diagnoses are scientifically worthless as tools to identify discrete mental health disorders.

Labor Dept rules IEP meetings a valid reason for family and medical leave from @EducationDive
The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has issued an opinion letter stating parents and guardians are allowed to use the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) intermittently to attend Individual Education Program (IEP) meetings with teachers, school administrators and others involved in planning education services for children with special needs.

In a split-second, a CMPD officer shot my husband and saved my life my oped from @WBTVNews3
By vilifying officers who act in good faith we are promoting a defensive police culture that could easily cost someone their lives. It very well could have cost me mine.

Parents sue Centennial adoption agency claiming they weren’t informed of Chinese son’s sexual-abuse issues from @denverpost
Adopted child raped younger adoptive kids, lawsuit claims

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