2 thoughts on “Top 10 Unconventional Things I’ve Taught my Kids”

  1. Many of these are things that I teach my daughter too. I am very curious about your trip to Malawi – was this through your church?

    1. Hi Annie – Thanks for taking the time to connect. We are friends with some people who support the orphanage and planned the trip with them. To be honest, I wanted to do something authentic and “in the trenches” which is why we opted for this instead of a traditional missions trip.

      It was very meaningful for my two teenagers. They lived at the orphanage and now experientially understand poverty in a way they did not before — know what it’s like to have the water out for 2 days, no electricity, and only corn meal mash to eat. Perhaps one of the most stunning moments was for my son to play soccer with the kids — they’d made a ball by tying plastic bags together. He of course can buy a new soccer ball whenever his wears out or he loses it. It was a poignant moment for him.

      My oldest son went on a missions trip with our church about 10 years ago to the Bahamas and that was also good. I really believe these experiences are transformative for our children.

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