College $$$ for foster care alumni

Sadly, only 3% of foster care alumni will earn a bachelor’s degree compared to 60% of the general population.

Many states now offer full tuition exemption to state and community college for kids who spent anytime in foster care including adopted foster children.

Most states also offer Education and Training Vouchers (ETV). These are federal funds, up to $5,000 per year.

A few notes:

  • Most of these programs have upper age limits. For example, ETV is only available until age 23.
  • Many states offer reciprocity.
  • There are of course many deadlines and details. Please start working on this well ahead of when your child graduates high school

The good news is that every state offers something!

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State ETV Waivers, Scholarships, Grants
Alabama EVT
Alaska Tuition Waiver!
Arizona EVT Tuition Waiver!
Arkansas EVT
California EVT
Colorado EVT
Connecticut Tuition Waiver!
Delaware EVT
Florida Tuition Waiver!
Georgia EVT
Hawaii EVT
Idaho EVT
Indiana EVT Scholarship
Iowa EVT
Kansas EVT Tuition Waiver!
Kentucky EVT Tuition Waiver!
Louisiana EVT
Maine EVT Tuition Waiver!
Maryland EVT Tuition Waiver!
Massachusetts EVT Tuition Waiver!
Michigan EVT Scholarship
Minnesota EVT  
Mississippi Tuition Waiver!
Missouri EVT Tuition Waiver!
Montana EVT  
Nebraska EVT
Nevada EVT
New Hampshire EVT Tuition Waiver!
New Jersey EVT Tuition Waiver!
New Mexico Tuition Waiver!
New York EVT Scholarship
North Carolina EVT Scholarship
North Dakota EVT
Ohio EVT
Oklahoma EVT Tuition Waiver
Oregon EVT Tuition Waiver
Pennsylvania EVT
Rhode Island Grant
South Carolina Grant
South Dakota EVT
Tennessee EVT Grant
Texas EVT Tuition Waiver!
Utah EVT Tuition Waiver!
Vermont EVT  
Virginia EVT Tuition Waiver!
Washington EVT Scholarship
West Virginia EVT Tuition Waiver!
Wisconsin EVT Feb 2018 – WI is considering a bill to offer a Tuition Waiver!
Wyoming EVT

(If you can add to this list, or have any corrections please be sure to let me know.)

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